Sundays are always a day spend with family and friends, whether I’m working or not.  A typical Sunday starts with our famous Bombay Gin and Tonic (with a dash of lime) around 11 o’clock.

Last Sunday I made my famous slowcooked Leg of Lamb with butterbeans, tomatoes and feta.  Such an easy, simple recipe.  I put the leg of lamb in the oven before I go to bed the previous night.  Just seasoned it well with sea salt, pepper, thyme, balsamic, some brown sugar with a healty dash of good red wine.  Put the oven on 140C in the oven for at least 6 – 8 hours.

Let it rest for a hour or so.  The leg will fell of the bone, just shred it in chunky pieces.  Keep the pan sauces, but the lamb back in the casserol.  Add 2 tins of butter beans and 2 tins of tomato.  Taste and season with salt, pepper and a teaspoon of brown sugar.  Put back in oven for 30 min.  Take out and crumble feta over – be generous with the feta!

Serve the lamb with Cous Cous, add some cumin and finely chopped red onion with the cumin for a Maroccan flavour.  Make a fresh green salad.  I prefer Cos cos and butter lettuce, with a lot of blue berries.


Dawie and Zabet
 Trixie, the new addition to the family
 What is better than an old fashion Malva Pudding and ice cream for dessert.
 Thelene and Hugo
The sweeping views infront of the restaurant.